Payroll Management

Payroll Processing is certainly a critical function in any business, but one cannot deny the repetitiveness and drudgery that accompanies it along with the heavy consumption of time and money.Payroll Processing completes our circle of Human Resource Management and Maintenance cycle. We help you complete this non-productive and tiresome job with accuracy and precision. You can forget maintaining payroll registers, making tedious calculations, signing cheques, accounting holiday benefits, and deducting tax. Our software would help you take into account every minute of your employee and every penny that you pay.

At Pegasus HR Business Solutions, an India-based company, we realize the complexity and difficulties faced by the firms while processing the payrolls for their employees. To put an end to this tiring process of calculating, we provide unique payroll processing and payroll tax return preparation services for businesses of all sizes.

Our resources, experience, and industry expertise help us to provide simple, convenient, yet profitable payroll processing services. All our work is done online and automatically, eliminating all the paper work. Moreover, your entire payroll outsourcing needs meet their ends with the help of highly experienced staff and their unbeatable customer service, so that your firm can concentrate on more important and attention seeking core activities of the business.

Our online payroll system facilitates our clients to directly enter the information online. We regularly update our software to keep up with the global standards. Our main payroll outsourcing services are calculation of pay check and tax obligation for each employee, printing and delivering cheques, and providing management reports. In addition, we also provide human resource assistance, referral programs, legal service plans, and workers compensation services to our clients.

Security and protection of information sent by our client forms our utmost priority. Our use of the top-tier technologies to keep the documents confidential and secured maintains the integrity of data provided. The flexible nature of our work makes it possible for us to meet the specific needs of our clients and thereby, provide them with timely information and delivery of reports on a quarterly or year end basis.